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At California Medical Weight Loss our purpose is to fully support your Weight Loss process, providing quick and safe weight loss solutions to enable you goals achievement. For this reason, we offer the most efficient  methods to accelerate burn fat. All treatments are followed up by competent and specialized doctors.


Medical Weight Loss will also support you in weight related health problems. From obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and several other weight related diseases,  our team is very well trained and motivated to fully support you in this challenge.


We will be with you every step of the way, pound by pound and inch by inch. It all starts with you taking the decision and assuming a commitment. We will be by your side in this journey to accomplish your goals!

our purpose

why you should care about losing weight

- Increases your energy level

- Lower cholesterol levels

- Lower blood pressure

- Reduces aches and pains

- Improves breathing after the weight loss

- Decreased risk of heart disease and stroke


- Medical Weight Loss can prevents Type II



- Improves blood sugar levels


About Us

Every change
with one decision


Phentermine Pill


- Decrease appetite

- Exercise required

- Diet required

-Reduce amount of fat 

-Increase Metabolism

-Increase energy levels 

- Burn fat faster




-Lose up to a pound a day
-No exercise required
-Reduces hunger

-Reduce fat in underarm,

belly, hips, and thighs

Vitamin B12


- Turn fats into energy

- Increase calories burn 

- Health Diet + Exercise

Meyer's Cocktail Therapy


 - Magnesium

- Vitamin C

 - B-Complex

Glutathione + Vitamin C Therapy


 - Detoxifying agent

- Support Immune system

- Help with the anti-aging process

Phendimetrazine Pill

- Decrease hunger

- Combine w/ diet and exercises


-  Suppressant

- Diet required

- Do not take with other appetite suppressants

IV Therapy


- Promotes faster weight loss

- Cures hangover symptoms

- Treats certain nutrient deficiencies

- Cleanses body of toxins and free radicals

- Increases energy levels

- Promote better cardiovascular health

- Easing anxiety and promoting relaxation

(Ozempic & Wegovy)


- Burn fat and increases energy

- Improves Insulin Resistance

- FDA Approved

- Works with your brain and digestive system to make you feel fuller for longer after meals.

- Lessen your food cravings.
- Manage how your body utilizes sugar and stores fat.


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