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January 9, 2016 Posted by gsx323 in Blog

Do You Believe These Culver City Weight Loss Myths?

Here at California Medical Weight Loss & Spa, it is our business to help people lose weight and feel great. When we first meet with our clients, however, we often hear a lot of damaging myths about losing weight which can actually be hurting your weight loss efforts. Below are the most common 3 myths which our clinic has heard, starting with the most damaging of all:

Restricting Your Food Intake Is the Best Path to Weight Loss

Our clinic California Medical Weight Loss & Spa offers a variety of weight loss solutions, and we do recommend FDA approved appetite suppressants for some of our clients. But that does not mean that individuals need to starve themselves in order to lose weight. In fact, studies have shown that having smaller meals between your primary meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) can help you lose weight. The more you can spread out your caloric intake throughout the day, the faster most individuals will be able to shed fat.

Avoiding Carbs Is a Great Way to Lose Weight

We have seen some Culver City weight loss regimes which focus on reducing or completely eliminating the intake of carbohydrates. The truth is that not all carbohydrates are bad though some should be avoided. To lose weight, you will want to avoid carbohydrates which are high in sugar and which come from white flour.

The carbs which we highly recommend our clients enjoy include:

  • Whole grain carbs
  • Carbs from beans
  • Carbs from fruits and vegetables

Not only will these help you feel full for longer, but these carb sources are loaded with vitamins, fiber, and are low in calories.

Some Foods Will Help You Burn Calories

Our clinic has heard a number of rumors that certain foods (such as spicy foods) will increase your metabolic rate and help you lose weight. The experts have made it clear that a calorie is a calorie and that there is no hard evidence that eating certain foods will increase your metabolism to the point where it will help you lose a substantial amount of weight.

If you have struggled with weight loss in the past, the ideal solution to losing weight involves:

  • Eating whole and healthy foods
  • Exercising (weight bearing exercises will help you lose the most weight)
  • Enlisting the help of professional weight loss doctors

Our clinic California Medical Weight Loss & Spa has been helping individuals from all over Southern California reduce and manage their weight by designing highly personalized weight loss programs. Our programs are tailored to account for one's weight loss goals, activity level, metabolism and more so that you can lose the pounds in a way which is most effective for your physique and lifestyle.

January 7, 2016 Posted by gsx323 in Blog

There are many Options for Weight Loss in Orange County

Changes to your diet and exercise may not be enough to help you lose weight and keep it off. At California Medical Weight Loss & Spa, we can help you look at some other options that can enhance what you gain from those lifestyle changes. We are one of the leaders for weight loss in Orange County because our methods work.

We also strive to provide personalized attention to every single client. We understand your struggle personally and health wise to lose weight can be one taking over your life. We are dedicated to helping you reduce health risks, to gain mobility, and to feel better about yourself.


One of the methods we offer at California Weight Loss & Spa is the use of Lipotropics. These compounds help to break down fat and they also help to increase your metabolism. As a result, more fat is burned in less time. If you have health problems due to fat building up in the liver then this can help you to reduce those symptoms. There are several types of Lipotropics we offer to assist with weight loss.

Each of them offers a unique benefit and your weight loss doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for any of them. It is often prescribed to be taken along with a supplement of Vitamin B12. We offer these products as injections you can get on site or as pills you can take at home. In addition to burning fat, they also help with increasing energy and reducing appetite.

Appetite Suppressants

The amount of food you eat as well as what you eat can be a roadblock to your weight loss efforts. This is why we offer a variety of prescription medications in order to reduce your eating habits. With the correct use of appetite suppressants, you will eat less and that means you aren’t feeling hungry or binge eating.

Taking in less food while your metabolism is burning more fat means you can see the benefits of your weight loss efforts each week. If the struggle to shed unwanted pounds is real for you, don’t let it continue to take over your life. Contact us at California Weight Loss & Spa. We will help you get on track to lose weight.

With the educational portion of our services, you will also have the right information to making ongoing lifestyle choices that promote healthy living. This will help you to keep the weight off and not go back to those old habits that were resulting in weight gain, feeling tired all the time, and limiting your energy level. It doesn’t take much effort to get started and it will change your life!

January 5, 2016 Posted by gsx323 in Blog

Get Results with Beverly Hills Weight Loss

Make sure your efforts to lose weight pay off. The right program makes all the difference in the world. You can’t get results if you don’t have the right information. When it comes to Beverly Hills weight loss, you need to do your homework. Not all of the facilities are the same.

We are proud to offer you a wonderful program at California Medical Weight Loss & Spa. You don’t have to go down this path on your own. What makes us different is we have the experience, expertise, and the desire to help every single patient to succeed.

Evaluating your Needs

We start out by evaluating your weight loss needs. There can be various reasons why you have extra weight. It can be much more than that just your diet and not enough exercise. It could be due to various health problems or even medications you take for health concerns. We carefully go through all of the elements with you to find out what the reasons are for the weight.

Based on that information, our team of professionals will help you to create a plan of action. This will ensure you are able to be able to lose weight and to keep it off. At California Medical Weight Loss & Spa, you will get your questions answered. You will be able to obtain various supplements or prescription medications if necessary to help you lose the weight.


In order for your customized weight loss plan to work for you, it has to make sense to you. We will take the time to explain to you what the reasoning is behind the plan. By changing your mindset and having the right information, it will be easier for you to stick to your plan. We teach you about balancing time, cooking healthy meals, and finding exercise fitting of your current fitness level.

Armed with the right information and the right experts to help you, there is no reason why you can’t lose the weight. It is going to take time to do it correctly and will require following methods that are healthy for you. California Medical Weight Loss & Spa offers you the support, encouragement, and tools you need to make it happen.

We will work with you to monitor your weight loss and to identify your target goal. From time to time, it may be necessary to make changes to your customized plan. We welcome your input because by knowing what is working well for you and what isn’t, we can create a partnership with the winning outcome you seek. It doesn’t matter how much weight you need to lose or how long you have been struggling with it. Contact us and it can be the change you need to move in the right direction.

January 5, 2016 Posted by gsx323 in Blog

Finding the Right Weight Loss Doctor

It can be hard when you need to lose weight, but you don’t know where to start. Programs you have tried in the past didn’t work out. Maybe you felt like you didn’t have enough time or you were hungry all the time. There are numerous weight loss products on the market, but many of them don’t work. This can leave you feeling frustrated and even blaming yourself for the failure.

The right weight loss doctor can help you to lose the pounds and to do so in a healthy manner. At California Weight Loss & Spa, we can help you to find the right program for you. We can help you incorporate better habits into your daily routine. You don’t have to guess about what to eat or the types of exercise to take part in.

Talking to the Professionals

Don’t be embarrassed or shy when it comes to talking to your weight loss doctor. We want you to be very comfortable at California Weight Loss & Spa. We are here to help you make your weight loss goals a reality. The only way we can help you the most is to find out what has been taking place. We need to talk about your lifestyle habits, your eating habits, and your level of physical activity.

Once we have a good understanding of what is taking place with you on a daily basis, we can help you to get moving in the right direction for weight loss. You are going to have our help every step of the way. We will help you to customize menus for healthy eating. Don’t worry, the food is going to be delicious and you aren’t’ going to feel hungry or deprived.

We will help you to incorporate a successful exercise routine into your daily schedule. You will have to carve out time to get it done. We will help you find forms of exercise to burn fat and shed those extra pounds. Many of the exercises help you to define the body and to develop good muscle tone. The goal is for the exercise to be fun and something you look forward to taking part in.

Starting the Program

With a customized plan for your weight loss, it is easy to see the value we offer at California Weight Loss & Spa. You will get to offer the weight loss doctor your input about the program created for you. Work with them to create something you are willing to try and they believe will help you to lose weight successfully and in a healthy manner. If you are willing to make the commitment, we are willing to help you. Losing weight will improve how you feel about yourself, reduce your risk of health problems, and make it easier to enjoy everyday events.

January 3, 2016 Posted by gsx323 in Blog

It Is Easy to Find the Perfect Weight Loss Program in California

In this state, we are very health-conscious. Everyone wants to be healthier and thinner, but losing weight can be very difficult, particularly for those people who have big appetites or those who are older. At California Medical Weight Loss and Spa, we offer a variety of methods to make losing weight a little easier so you can reach your goals quickly. We have several locations in the Los Angeles area, so regardless of where you live, we can help.

Types of Weight Loss Methods

We use a variety of weight-loss methods in our weight loss program, including the use of appetite suppressants and fat burning supplements that assist in the weight loss process. In addition, you will be consulting with our in-house doctor and medical weight-loss specialists, who will give you advice on diet and exercise, proper digestion techniques and other aspects that will increase the odds of you losing weight. We also help advise you on the medications you may be taking, some of which may actually increase your appetite, as well as nutrition tips that include low-fat and high-protein diets and proper water intake. In fact, losing weight is often the result of eating right, exercising enough, drinking enough water and adding supplements that include vitamins and appetite suppressants.

When finding a weight loss program in California, consider giving us a try. We are experienced and use only high-quality products to help people lose weight. We have helped hundreds of clients reach their weight-loss goals, and offer a personalized program that is based on your circumstances, your goals, and your weight-loss needs. It a comprehensive program that ensures you will lose the weight you want. Whether you want to lose a few inches, or a lot of weight, our weight loss program has been proven to achieve results.

What Else Should You Do to Lose Weight?

In addition to using your body type, metabolism, and personal goals to help develop your plan, we will recommend additional aids that help you lose weight. These include B12 injections, appetite suppressants, lipotropics and HCG diet plans. We will not necessarily use all of these aids in your program, but one or more could be used. Your initial consultation with our doctor will provide you with additional information on these and other weight-loss methods.

Achieving your weight-loss goals does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. Visiting a professional weight-loss clinic can mean the difference between achieving your weight-loss goals and continuing to be overweight. A lifetime of healthy endeavors awaits you if you take the proper steps to lose weight, and using a professional weight-loss clinic is often the first step to achieving this task.

January 1, 2016 Posted by gsx323 in Blog

Finding the Perfect Weight Loss Pill in California

Weight loss is difficult. It involves a lot of different aspects that most of us do not really like to think about, including reducing our food intake and increasing our exercising. None of us like these actions, but they are all necessary if we wish to lose weight and become healthier. One step that enhances weight-loss goals and helps people become thinner is the use of a weight loss pill. Weight-loss pills increase metabolism and reduce the appetite, enabling the user to become thinner in a shorter period of time.

Weight Loss Pills are Effective

At California Medical Weight Loss and Spa, we offer a variety of weight-loss pills that produce the results that most dieters seek. Finding the perfect weight loss pill in California means simply coming to our clinic and allowing us to help you. Weight loss pills that reduce your appetite come in a variety of types, including:

  • Phendimetrazine works by stimulating the central nervous system and decreases the appetite, as well as increases the heart rate and blood pressure. This weight loss pill works only in the short term, and it is important to combine this pill with a healthy eating and exercise plan.
  • Diethylpropion is an appetite suppressant that results in weight loss when combined with a healthy diet. This substance works similarly to, but should not be taken with, the drug phendimetrazine since this can result in severe health problems.
  • Phentermine stimulates the hypothalamus gland and affects certain neurotransmitters to decrease the appetite. This is one of the most common appetite suppressant pills, and as with the other pills, it should be combined with a healthy diet and an exercise regimen.

All three of these pills are approved by the FDA and work to shed unwanted pounds when used in combination with diet and exercise. As mentioned earlier, they are not a substitute for eating healthy and exercising, but will work extremely well when paying close attention to your diet and exercise regimen.

How Does This Help You?

Weight loss is tough, but if you eliminate one of the most difficult parts of a weight-loss program – constant hunger – dieting becomes much easier. When we have hunger pains, we are more likely to ignore our diet and eat more than we should, which results in either no weight loss or a gain in weight. Taking a weight loss pill reduces hunger pains and lets you concentrate on the other, healthier parts of losing weight, such as exercise and healthy eating.

Don’t try and go it alone when dieting. Our weight-loss clinic is experienced in helping both men and women of all ages lose unwanted pounds and become healthier. Often, this is the only effective method for losing weight.

The Use of Lipotropics Can Enhance Weight Loss

Many people these days are trying to lose weight. Losing weight is a difficult task and can seem impossible or overwhelming. However, when you use a professional weight loss clinic the entire process becomes simpler. Professional weight loss centers like California Medical Weight Loss and Spa offer individualized plans that are specifically designed for the individual who wants to lose weight and encompass a variety of techniques to help that person achieve his or her weight-loss goal. It is a healthy and effective way to lose weight without the usual negative side effects, such as hunger pains.

Why Use Lipotropics?

Lipotropics are substances that break down and metabolize fat in the body. This speeds up the body’s metabolism and allows it to burn fat more effectively. It also reduces fat buildup in the liver and helps process hormones such as estrogen and sulfa drugs more effectively. Although not a substitute for proper diet and exercise, this substance aids the body in losing weight. It is usually taken in pill form and is often taken along with injections of B12 to further enhance its effectiveness.

There are four types of lipotropics. Methionine is an essential amino acid that needs to be increased at certain times, such as when high doses of estrogen are being used. Choline and Inositol are both needed to prevent the liver from trapping fat and bile; choline, in particular, is important for healthy liver function and fat metabolism. The fourth lipotropic is betain, a strong lipotropic that increases gastric acid. All of these products are necessary for the body to function properly and to increase the body’s metabolism, which usually means faster weight loss.

The use of these substances – which are often used in conjunction with B12 injections – increases energy and cell production, and also increases red blood cell production and the activity of the nervous system. It also reduces stress. Using these substances makes weight loss simpler and faster, which is a huge plus to anyone trying to lose weight.

Other Advantages

There are other advantages to the substance lipotropic as well. Without this substance, fats and bile can be trapped in the liver and block the metabolism of fat, making it more difficult to lose weight. At California Medical Weight Loss and Spa, we use lipotropics, in addition to many other methods, to enable our clients to lose weight in a healthy manner, slowly, so there are fewer side effects. Our methods increase the odds that you will keep the weight off for many years to come. Losing weight the right way allows a healthier alternative than crash diets and other fads, and at our clinic, we can help you with this important goal.

Weight Loss in Orange County Is Easy if You Have Help

These days, almost everyone is trying to lose weight. Losing weight is one of the most difficult things to do, especially as we age, and many people of all ages find they need a little help with tackling this job. Professional weight loss centers used to be fairly empty; however, today they have a lot of clients, from men to women and people of all ages, who are trying to lose weight.

When you’re looking for facilities that provide weight loss in Orange County, you need not look any further than California Medical Weight Loss and Spa. At California Medical Weight Loss, we offer a comprehensive program that includes a doctor who specializes in the specifics of losing weight and an individualized program that takes into account your age, gender, and many other areas in order to create the right weight-loss program for you.

Choosing the Right Facility

Our facility uses a variety of techniques to help us design your program. We take into account your metabolism and your body type, as well as your specific goals, to develop a program that will work for you. Losing weight is safer when it is done slowly, and we will ensure that your weight-loss plan is safe, but also that it produces results. We recommend a variety of supplements, workout programs and proper nutrition techniques to help with your weight loss, and will instruct you in areas that include everything from exercise to proper digestion techniques.

Losing weight helps with a variety of afflictions. Getting to the proper weight will help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level, increase your energy, reduce aches and pains, decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke, and enables you to feel better overall. Choosing the right weight-loss program is essential to producing these results and to helping you increase your odds of a long, healthy life.

What Else Is Offered with These Programs?

With our professional weight-loss programs, we use a variety of techniques, depending on your specific situation, that enable you to lose weight safely and without complications. This can include appetite suppressants approved by the FDA, B12 injections, fat-burning supplements, lipotropic injections and HCG diet packages. Not everyone, however, will be able to use all of these products, because each program is individualized to that person’s specific circumstances. You will find out what your options are after your initial consultation with the diet center.

Regardless of how much weight you wish to lose, a professional weight loss center increases your odds of getting down to your optimum weight. Losing weight is complex and difficult, but using a professional diet center increases the odds that you will be happy with the final result.

Why You Should Try the HCG Diet

HCG is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone manufactured in the body of pregnant women. The most natural way of raising your HCG levels is, therefore, by getting pregnant. Doctor Albert Simeons was the first to administer HCG injections to obese individuals back in 1954 to aid them in losing weight. He later published the study in The Lancet, a renowned medical journal.

Conclusions of HCG Research

Simeons concluded that combining a 500-calorie diet with HCG generated better results for individuals than providing them with a simple 500-calorie diet. In addition, he indicated that someone could shed excess weight without getting hungry. HCG is known to suppress human appetite and enhance mood.

Our HCG diet at California Medical Weight Loss & Spa primarily comprises daily injections of HCG alongside a 500-calorie diet. Also, participants in our program are asked to avoid using virtually any kind of fat, which includes fats present in cosmetics. Books for the HCG dieting program are available to guide you on how to apportion various classes of food within meals.

Weight Loss Effects of HCG

Injections of HCG act by burning fat from specific body regions. This is equivalent to a process known as spot reduction, which involves eliminating fat from prescribed locations, such as troublesome thigh areas. Dr. Simeons affirmed that on average, a person on the HCG diet had the potential to shed anything from ½ lb. to almost 2 lbs on a daily basis.

We limit participants in the HCG diet to a daily diet of 500 calories for 8 weeks. One way of administering the hormone is via injection. Another is through the intake of a homeopathic product, like oral drops, sprays or pellets, available at the store. It is necessary to have the shots administered by a certified provider of healthcare.

HCG Dietary Program

Our weight loss diet does not allow someone to overindulge in food. In general, it allows you to have two square meals, lunch and dinner, daily. Each meal taken must include one product from each food group, including protein, vegetable, bread and fruit.

Still, an allowance is made for grilling veal, fresh white fish, chicken breast, crab, shrimp or lobster, excluding the consumption of any visible fat. However, participants of our HCD weight loss diet program are required omit eel, salmon, herring, tuna and fish, whether dried or pickled, from their meals.

Choices of vegetables allowed include chard, spinach, chicory, lettuce, beet greens, celery, tomatoes, red radishes, onions, fennel, asparagus, cabbage and cucumbers. One breadstick or a piece of melba toast can be taken as a bread option. For fruit, you have the option of taking an apple, orange, half a grapefruit or a handful of strawberries.

The HCG diet at California Medical Weight Loss & Spa affords you the choice of taking in any amount of beverages you desire, which includes water, tea and coffee. You also have the freedom to consume a maximum of 1 tablespoon of milk daily. Apart from sweeteners in drinks, sugar substitutes can be taken too, but this weight loss diet excludes oils and butter altogether.

How a Good Weight Loss Supplement Can Help You

Depending on what type of diet you use to lose weight, you may need to supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals or other types of pills to aid your weight loss. At California Medical Weight Loss & Spa, we can recommend supplements that can help you lose weight by helping raise your metabolic rate. When used with a healthy diet and an exercise plan, lipotropic supplements can help almost anyone reach their weight loss goals.

What Are Lipotropics?

A lipotropic is a compound that is designed to help the body metabolize fat better. There are four different types of lipotropics that we may recommend as a weight loss supplement for people who are on one of our weight loss plans. These supplements include:

  • Methionine;
  • Betaine;
  • Choline; and
  • Inositol.

One of the ways lipotropics work in the body is to help the liver produce more lecithin. Lecithin works to break up any cholesterol that moves through the bloodstream, which helps prevent it from clogging your arteries. As a result, you will see a reduction in your cholesterol levels and in your blood pressure.


This supplement is considered to be an essential amino acid as it cannot be synthesized by the body. The best way to get this compound is to eat foods that contain it or by taking it as a supplement. This is only one of two sulphur-containing amino acids, with the other one being cysteine. Methionine works to dissolve fats and reduces the amount of fat deposited in the liver.


This is another lipotropic weight loss supplement we recommend to participants in our weight loss programs. Betaine is another amino acid that can help protect the liver by reducing the amount of fat that is deposited in it. However, it also is medically beneficial because it can help to alter homocysteine levels, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes in some people, especially when taken with B vitamins, such as B12.


This water-soluble substance is an essential nutrient for the body and it can be found in a wide variety of foods. It is an important part of the B-vitamin family and its presence is integral to the proper functioning of the central nervous system and in the structure of the body’s cells.


This is another lipotropic weight loss supplement recommended to our clients. Inositol is otherwise known as vitamin B8 and it has several benefits for your body. Like choline, it is important for healthy cell structure and it helps to reduce fatty deposits in both the heart and liver. In addition, it aids in weight loss because it helps metabolize nutrients into energy.

As with any supplement, you should consult your doctor before using them with your California Medical Weight Loss & Spa program.