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California Medical Weight Loss And Spa, Now Serving Commerce Residents


Commerce, CA residents have a great lifestyle, living so close to the heart of L.A. while enjoying all the benefits of great year-round weather as well as the city's rich and resilient history of industrial transformation (now with bragging rights as the water polo capital of the world!) With so much going on in an active life, it can be extremely difficult to find time to work out. In any case, the unfortunate truth is that exercise is often simply not enough when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds, ounces, and inches. Now, though, thanks to California Medical Weight Loss and Spa, Commerce is an ideal location for those who want to slim down, achieving personal weight loss goals while also beginning to live a healthier lifestyle. We're here for you, helping you look and feel great without having to give up the life you love.

The Best FDA Approved Products, Now Available To You

Our dieting researchers have made amazing breakthroughs that now allow California Medical Weight Loss and Spa to lead the way as the best weight loss clinic at any price, great or small. We proudly offer not only FDA approved appetite suppressants and vitamin B12 injections, but also fat burner pills, water pills, Lipotropic injections, and HCG diet injection packages. What is more, we provide the highest quality in personalized customer service, on par with the celebrity treatment that all of our clients deserve. So whether your goal is just to lose a few pounds and inches or to lose many, we offer the best products around.

Convenience, Safety And Effectiveness: You Can Have It All

We serve clients from all over Los Angeles County, meaning that the very best weight loss clinic is now available to residents of not only the city of L.A., Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, but also to residents of Altadena, Eagle Rock, Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Long Beach, Huntington Park, Monterey Park, La Canada, Los Alamitos, Highland Park, Seal Beach, San Gabriel, San Fernando Valley, Alhambra, and San Marino. Our programs are physician-supervised and customized to be effective for each individual, making California Medical Weight Loss and Spa uniquely qualified to guide clients through their exciting journeys to a “new and improved” you. Whether your goal is to get in shape for beach season, make good on that New Year's resolution, or to simply look great at an upcoming reunion or wedding – or just in your everyday life – any way you look at it, losing those unneeded pounds will put you on the right track toward reducing aches and pains as well as waking up feeling fresh and better rested. Call today to make an appointment; an initial consultation is free!

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