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Culver City Provider of FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication

For many people who are trying to lose weight, a healthy diet and becoming more active just doesn’t seem to be enough to keep the pounds falling away. In these circumstances, medically supervised weight loss which includes an appropriate prescription for appetite suppressant pills can make a dramatic difference to the number on the scales. Our facility is a medical weight loss clinic that offers a holistic solution to the difficulties people encounter when it comes to shedding unwanted fat.

Customized Approach to Diet

We offer a wide selection of weight loss programs and are also one of the most affordable providers of the HCG diet in California. Every weight loss meal plan we prescribe is tailored to individual requirements, offering a well-balanced selection of foods that optimize fat burning at the same time as increasing feelings of satiety. In addition to medical weight loss eating plans, we can also suggest a number of supplements and safe medication that will help to speed up weight reduction even further.

Medically Supervised Exercise Plan

Picking the right type of exercise for your body and your fitness goals can be a challenge, which is why we’re here to help. Our experienced therapists have a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of becoming more active. Whether you need some help to find exercises that will tackle one of your problem areas, or want a regime that will maximize your metabolic activity to keep those pounds disappearing, we have the right expertise to help. No matter what barriers to an active lifestyle you’re facing, our team will help your body get the activity it needs.

Host of Different Techniques for Weight Loss in Culver City

We don’t just recommend suitable diet and exercise plans, we also have a range of treatments and therapies on hand which have been shown to help individuals lose more weight, stick to their diet plan more easily, reduce appetite and help produce the firm, shapely figure that we all crave. To book a FREE initial medical consultation, call us at (310) 820-8200.