January 9, 2016 Posted by gsx323 in Blog

Do You Believe These Culver City Weight Loss Myths?

Here at California Medical Weight Loss & Spa, it is our business to help people lose weight and feel great. When we first meet with our clients, however, we often hear a lot of damaging myths about losing weight which can actually be hurting your weight loss efforts. Below are the most common 3 myths which our clinic has heard, starting with the most damaging of all:

Restricting Your Food Intake Is the Best Path to Weight Loss

Our clinic California Medical Weight Loss & Spa offers a variety of weight loss solutions, and we do recommend FDA approved appetite suppressants for some of our clients. But that does not mean that individuals need to starve themselves in order to lose weight. In fact, studies have shown that having smaller meals between your primary meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) can help you lose weight. The more you can spread out your caloric intake throughout the day, the faster most individuals will be able to shed fat.

Avoiding Carbs Is a Great Way to Lose Weight

We have seen some Culver City weight loss regimes which focus on reducing or completely eliminating the intake of carbohydrates. The truth is that not all carbohydrates are bad though some should be avoided. To lose weight, you will want to avoid carbohydrates which are high in sugar and which come from white flour.

The carbs which we highly recommend our clients enjoy include:

  • Whole grain carbs
  • Carbs from beans
  • Carbs from fruits and vegetables

Not only will these help you feel full for longer, but these carb sources are loaded with vitamins, fiber, and are low in calories.

Some Foods Will Help You Burn Calories

Our clinic has heard a number of rumors that certain foods (such as spicy foods) will increase your metabolic rate and help you lose weight. The experts have made it clear that a calorie is a calorie and that there is no hard evidence that eating certain foods will increase your metabolism to the point where it will help you lose a substantial amount of weight.

If you have struggled with weight loss in the past, the ideal solution to losing weight involves:

  • Eating whole and healthy foods
  • Exercising (weight bearing exercises will help you lose the most weight)
  • Enlisting the help of professional weight loss doctors

Our clinic California Medical Weight Loss & Spa has been helping individuals from all over Southern California reduce and manage their weight by designing highly personalized weight loss programs. Our programs are tailored to account for one's weight loss goals, activity level, metabolism and more so that you can lose the pounds in a way which is most effective for your physique and lifestyle.