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Pasadena Trusts California Medical Weight Loss And Spa, The Best Way To Slim Down And Feel Great!


Pasadena residents know that there's more to life than the Rose Bowl; this charming, diverse area has the wonderful feel of an old town, which makes it great for families – with good schools, fantastic antique shopping, and great horseback riding through the trails of Lower Arroyo Seco Park. With only so many hours in a day, though – full of activities aimed at working hard to earn the finest things in life – it's easy to put health and fitness on the back burner, and exercising is often simply not enough to shed all of those unwanted pounds and inches anyway. However, Pasadena is now the perfect location for those who want to embark upon a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, thanks to California Medical Weight Loss and Spa, Our clients come away looking and feeling great, without having to give up a bit of the lifestyle they've come to deserve.

The Very Finest FDA Approved Products, Directly To You

It doesn't make a difference whether you're only looking to lose a couple of pounds and inches or many, because we offer all of our clients the best products available at any price, along with great individualized service on par with star treatment. Many dieting research breakthroughs have taken place in recent years, allowing California Medical Weight Loss and Spa to take the lead position as the best weight loss clinic around. We very proudly offer not only FDA approved appetite suppressants, but we also carry vitamin B12 injections, as well as HCG diet injection packages, Lipotropic injections, fat burner pills, and water pills.

The Most Trusted Name In Convenience, Safety, Satisfaction

L.A. County is now full of satisfied clients who've noticed that California Medical Weight Loss and Spa is the best and most convenient weight loss program, given that this very best weight loss clinic is available not only to an L.A., Beverly Hills, and Hollywood clientele, but also to residents of La Canada, San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Long Beach, Alhambra, Altadena, Los Alamitos, Glendale, Highland Park, Huntington Park, Monterey Park, Eagle Rock, Seal Beach, Commerce, San Gabriel, and San Marino. Our physician-supervised program is customized at the individual level. Thus, we are uniquely highly qualified in guiding clients through the journey to a “new and improved” you – whether for a New Year's resolution, in preparation for hitting the beach, or with the goal of looking your very best for a wedding or reunion (or just in your day-to-day life!) Losing extra weight puts you on the right road toward eliminating aches and pains, as well as on the right path toward waking up feeling fresher and better rested. Make your appointment today for your free initial consultation!

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