January 7, 2016 Posted by gsx323 in Blog

There are many Options for Weight Loss in Orange County

Changes to your diet and exercise may not be enough to help you lose weight and keep it off. At California Medical Weight Loss & Spa, we can help you look at some other options that can enhance what you gain from those lifestyle changes. We are one of the leaders for weight loss in Orange County because our methods work.

We also strive to provide personalized attention to every single client. We understand your struggle personally and health wise to lose weight can be one taking over your life. We are dedicated to helping you reduce health risks, to gain mobility, and to feel better about yourself.


One of the methods we offer at California Weight Loss & Spa is the use of Lipotropics. These compounds help to break down fat and they also help to increase your metabolism. As a result, more fat is burned in less time. If you have health problems due to fat building up in the liver then this can help you to reduce those symptoms. There are several types of Lipotropics we offer to assist with weight loss.

Each of them offers a unique benefit and your weight loss doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for any of them. It is often prescribed to be taken along with a supplement of Vitamin B12. We offer these products as injections you can get on site or as pills you can take at home. In addition to burning fat, they also help with increasing energy and reducing appetite.

Appetite Suppressants

The amount of food you eat as well as what you eat can be a roadblock to your weight loss efforts. This is why we offer a variety of prescription medications in order to reduce your eating habits. With the correct use of appetite suppressants, you will eat less and that means you aren’t feeling hungry or binge eating.

Taking in less food while your metabolism is burning more fat means you can see the benefits of your weight loss efforts each week. If the struggle to shed unwanted pounds is real for you, don’t let it continue to take over your life. Contact us at California Weight Loss & Spa. We will help you get on track to lose weight.

With the educational portion of our services, you will also have the right information to making ongoing lifestyle choices that promote healthy living. This will help you to keep the weight off and not go back to those old habits that were resulting in weight gain, feeling tired all the time, and limiting your energy level. It doesn’t take much effort to get started and it will change your life!