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Medical Weight Loss Lawndale

California Medical Weight Loss & Spa is the premier weight loss center specializing in medically assisted weight loss services. When you are looking for cutting edge weight loss solutions that work, you can rely on us to provide the safe and effective options you need. We specialize in medical weight loss Lawndale services that are supervised by onsite physicians and physician assistants. When you choose a complete system that has been carefully personalized by your weight loss doctor, you can start to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Personalized Medical Weight Loss Services

At California Weight Loss & Spa, it's never been easier to meet your weight loss goals. With our variety of options such as appetite supplements and phentermine, you can lose weight safely and efficiently. All of our treatments are fully FDA approved and medical research backed. Whether we recommend HCG injections or Vitamin B12 injections, your care will be customized to your unique situation.

Fully Guided Approach to Weight Loss

Our unique approach to weight loss has made us the number one weight loss center in the area. Our physician supervised treatments are used in conjunction with education on weight loss, diet plans, exercise routines, and more to help our clients have a well rounded weight loss program. We are with you every step of the way whether you want to trim a few inches or lose pounds.

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Contact California Medical Weight Loss & Spa for more information about medically assisted weight loss. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.